Vista-pájaro-naútico-boiroThe Yacht Boiro is awarded for the second year with the Q for Quality Tourism

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The Yacht Club-Marina Boiro Cape Cross is one of the five nauticodeportivas facilities in the province who have been awarded with the Q Tourism Quality barbanzano 2014 In case it gets for the second consecutive year. This flag adds value to meet the requirements, which define the level of service received by the user. For boirense entity implies an increase in the value of its facilities. Also, remember in the club’s board, an increase in weight of the tourist district, both economically and image.

An entity that elects to be awarded with the Q Tourism Quality has to compulsorily provide water sports to its users. Something they say in the Marina of Cabo de Cruz, “is our main differentiator to those ports only devote their mooring facilities leasing and commercial surfaces. So, consequently, are not of interest for tourism to be only spaces and facilities whose common goal is financial activity and cease to be the subject of tourism promotion. ”

Fitur The president of this entity seated in the crucense port, Manuel Fajardo, said yesterday that the flag that proves this award will be given, as every year, at the International Tourism Fair in Spain (FITUR) which takes place in Madrid coinciding with the last week of January.

2013 Annual Meeting of Members

Day: Saturday November 30, 2013
Location: Community Center Cape Cross
Hours: Call Primeira 12:00 / 12:30 on Second Call


  1. Approval of previous minutes
  2. Reports presidency
  3. Memory Exercise
  4. Enlargement and filling marina-dry
  5. Patrocineos and grants
  6. Statement
  7. Budget and Activities for 2014
  8. Questions and answers

Events in August 2013

Calendar of events for this August …

Tourism Minister, J. M. Soria Q delivers the Nautical Flag Quality Boiro


The President of the Club, Fajardo Manuel Pineiro, who received the Q-rating from the Minister

The Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality (ICTE) held in the Auditorium of the Ministry of Industry and Tourism (Madrid) official ceremony of Banderas Q.

An act which was chaired by the Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism, José Manuel Soria, accompanied by Secretary of State for Tourism, Isabel Borrego, and the president of the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality (ICTE)

Miguel viewer. In the section of Nautical and Sports, the undisputed leadership of Galicia, which holds more than half of certifications -8 15-a total of four certifications .With, Baleares and Valencia and Andalusia Community, 2 and 1 worth noting respectively.

The quality standard for nautical sports installations. The requirements for obtaining the certification mark “Q” are listed in the UNE 187001: 2011 certification This system was developed by the ICTE and is accredited by the National Entity (ENAC) since 2011.

Adherence to the marking system warranty Q is the commitment of managers to provide better customer service. Q standards mark reward multiple factors, set in control blocks, infrastructure and equipment.

It is, in short, a system for assessing global character from the point of view of the service user being audited by independent experts and evaluated by the Certification Committee ICTE. The Club Nautico Boiro.expuesto management as an example. I was defined at Club Nautico Boiro, as the first club gets statewide certification Q QUALITY in their first year of life.

To collect the award, attended the delivery Club President, Manuel Fajardo Pineiro, who received the Q-Quality of the minister.

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  • Turkish businessmen are interested in the marina of Cabo de Cruz
  • Navy takes shape Cabo de Cruz
  • The dock will be installed on the yacht Cape this week.
  • The nautical crucense work a month earlier than expected.
  • Yacht Works are already underway
  • The installation of the pontoons of the marina crucense will start in a few days
  • Works Marina Cabo begin in March
  • Portos awarded the marina in Cabo de Cruz Nautico Boiro


  • The port of Cabo de Cruz aims to become the benchmark for sailing schools in Galicia
  • The club intends to take the first works in Cabo
  • The Yacht Club Boiro postponed to 31 briefing on the work of Marina
  • The Yacht Club Boiro designed a project to Cabo with 750 moorings
  • Xuño do Pantaláns for 2012


  • Portos confirms that the Nautical Boiro manage the marina of Cabo
  • Portos committed an investment of 23 million in the dock crucense
  • Residents of Cape Cross boo the opponents of the port works
  • O Castro’s performance does not include the installation of sport pontoons


  • The company viable to fill Subuqueiro to Marina Cabo
  • Cabo institutions believe that the port will be a benchmark in Galicia
  • Marina Cape will be the third largest estuary
  • The work of the port of Cabo de Cruz will begin within weeks


  • “He thought or dreamed that duns Aventureiros vaise cumprir»
  • The regional government plans to start construction of the port of Cabo Spring
  • The groups are urging the execution of Boiro Marina
  • Delay Marina unleashes criticism from Deira


  • The PP criticized the delay suffered by the marina of Cabo
  • Good news
  • The Xunta confirms that Cape Cross is the great port of Boiro
  • Deira confirms another delay Marina Cabo
  • The regional government plans to invest seven million euros in the port of Cabo


  • Construction of the super port of Cabo de Cruz is guaranteed


  • Cape Cross in 2007 will have a marina with 400 seats
  • Escarabote appears on stage
  • The Xunta starts to make a super port at Cape Cross


  • The government will try to expedite Boiro marina


  • The Nautical Boiro bet because the port is made where faster
  • A mussel Union and support the marina location Boiro
  • Country Planning studies to extend the basin of Cabo de Cruz and place in it the marina


  • Portos resort to the private sector to finance the marina Boiro
  • Portos still studying the location of Nautical Cabo de Cruz


  • The Xunta make a feasibility study Marina Cabo de Cruz